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Which TV series I’m watching?

Hello my valuable followers, today we will talk about my TV series. First of all, now i’m not watching the series. But i’ll tell you something about the series I watched. Let’s start! (Don’t forget tell your opinions in the comments, thanks)

The Walking Dead

This picture actually says it all. Yes, my favourite 2 TV series. The Walking Dead and Vikings. You know I’m from Turkish, and our (Turkish) TV series not quality productions. So, Turkish people are watching foreign productions. Because Turkish TV series just telling about love, mafia etc. Scenarios are similar to each other. And we don’t like it. Because of this, we are watching foreign productions. My first and favourite production are The Walking Dead. If you say ‘Why do you love The Walking Dead?’, i can say this thing. ‘Because i love this scenario, world suffered by infection.’ I don’t know why i’m loving this shit scenario. But very excited and interesting scenario. (Or maybe i’m just loving Walking Dead’s infection, i don’t know :D)  As i said, so much people loved The Walking Dead. We know this. But I agree one thing. After the 5-6 season, The Walking Dead is not good. (As before) But still my favourite series.


We will talk about the Vikings. I love Vikings. I love Vikings people, faith, battle scenes. I can say one thing about Vikings, Vikings has really impressive battle scenes. Everyone agree that? (Tell in the comments) Of course, Vikings not just about fight scenes. There is plenty of sex in Vikings. (Like Game of Thrones) Also, we can be informed about the beliefs and lifes. If you are influenced from the array, you can research more thing about Vikings on the internet.

Yes, today i told my favorite TV series. I highly recommend to watch. Have a great day Izleyen Okur’s followers.


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