Top Luxury Sports Cars (5)

Hello my valuable followers, today we will talk about Top Luxury Sports Cars. You might ask, why you’re writing a post like this? You know, I’m writing articles about movies, series, games. (Entertainment) As you know, I have a category called MIX. And I said, ‘I’ll make a post about the way I want in this category. Anyway, this explanation enough. Let’s start for Top Luxury Sports Cars.

| Porsche 911 (2018)

Porsche 911 (2018) is a good car. If you want luxury sports car, this car one of the Top Luxury Sports Cars. The price of the vehicle $91.000-$203.000.

| Mercedes-Benz GT (2018)

As you know, Mercedes is one of the class car brands. I like the design and the power. The price of the vehicle $112.000- $157.000.

| Chevrolet Covrette (2019)

Chevrolet Corvette is one of the strong and comfortable vehicles. I love this car. The price of the vehicle $55.000-$122.000

| Audi R8 (2018)

Effective handling, effective power. Funny and easy driving. The price of the vehicle $164.000-$194.000.

| Lexus LC (2018)

Powerful V8 engine and comfortable seats. The price of the vehicle $92.000-$96.000.

| My Idea

Yes, i told top luxury sports cars. But i want to say my dream car. In my opinion, everyone knows Chevrolet Camaro. I saw this car in the Transformers. Yes, i like this car since then. I want to get Camaro for my first car. Hopefully, i will do it. This is the end of our article. I hope, you liked it. Have a great day Izleyen Okur’s followers.

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