Rainbow Six Siege is My Favourite ?!

Hello my valuable followers, today we’ll talk about my favourite game. I liked MOBA games. (LoL, DotA) Then i started to play FPS (First Person Shooter) Right now I’m just playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Everyone knows this game. In my opinion, one of the best games from a tactical perspective. Let’s chat a little bit about the game.

There are a lot of characters in our game. (Attackers-Defenders) These characters can be opened with RENOWN or money.  Each character has their own special abilities. (Traps, Sensors, Cameras, Bombs etc.) In game, we can use character with weapon or shield. (Each character doesn’t have a shield.) Some of the characters has a shield. (Montagne, Blitz etc.) You can customize your weapons. (Sights, barrels, grips, laser, skin, charm) We can add  plugins to every weapon. But every weapon has different plugins. And our characters can be customize with Headgears and Uniforms. If you want customize your character, you can get with renown from the market. (Elite Uniforms with money)

There is many map for play and we have 3 game types:

-Multiplayer: Casual and Ranked

-Terrorist Hunt


I told you this game briefly. I don’t know would you like. But my favourite FPS game. I can say that ‘I’m even just playing it.’ If you liked this game, you can buy through Steam or Ubisoft. (I bought Rainbow Six Siege through Steam) I’ll tell you one thing, don’t buy Starter Edition. If you can buy Standart Edition, don’t worry and buy. You won’t regret it. Have a great day Izleyen Okur’s followers!


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