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Proposal For If You Are Looking For a Comedy Movies (3)

Hello my valuable followers, today i made a post for comedy movies lovers. In this article, i’m going to propose comedy movies. For now, i will give 3 advice. If you like it, i will share more. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for. Let’s start!

Teddy Bear / Ted

IMDb: 7.0

On Christmas night, 8 years old John wishes for to bear to come to life. The next morning, our teddy bear Ted turns into a  talking and living bear. John is very happy with this situtation. But he forgot one thing, everyone grows. John is now 30 years old and he has spent a lifetime with Ted. Ted adapted to human life. Ted is a rude, flirtatious but a very cute bear. But there is a problem, Ted doesn’t want to share John. Events continues in this manner.

American Pie

IMDb: 7.0

Four high school  students haven’t had the opportunity to have sexual intercourse with anyone. They bet on to have sex with a girl until graduation. The game is on.

Dumb & Dumber 

IMDb: 7.3

Llyod Christmas and Harry Dunne, living in a messy/dirty house. Lloyd is a limo driver. One day, he falls in love with Mary Swanson. Mary is a beautiful and rich woman. Like a said, the story of a couple of idiots. I think you’ll love this movie.


Like I said, I gave 3 idea for comedy movie lovers. First of all, I don’t do the review. I just giving ideas for someone. I hope you like it. If you want more comedy movies, tell me in the comments. Have a great day my valuable followers!



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