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New Movies Coming Soon (2019)

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Hello my valuable followers, today we will talk about ‘New Movies in 2019’ We are waiting movies (Sci-fi, comedy, animation and more) Today we will see new movies and their release date. Of course, i can’t say every movie in 2019. But, i’ll tell something about my informations for new movies coming soon. Let’s start! (Don’t forget to tell your opinions in the comments)

| Hellboy – January 11th

| How to Train Your Dragon 3 – January 25th

| Captain Marvel – March 8th


| Godzilla 2 – March 22nd

| Avengers 4 – April 26th

| John Wick: Chapter 3 – May 17th

| Charlie’s Angels – June 7th

| Toy Story 4 – June 21st

| Transformers 7 – June 28th


| Terminator 6 – July 26th

| Wonder Woman 2 – November 1st

| Frozen 2 – November 29th

| Star Wars: Episode IX – December 20th


Yes Izleyen Okur’s followers, I told 13 new movies in 2019. Hopefully, you found the movie you’re waiting for. There’s more new movie, but not my responsibility. If you want to learn more new movie and their release dates, you can search. I hope, you like it. Have a great day Izleyen Okur followers!


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