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Hello my valuable followers, today we will talk about ‘Good New Movies’. Yes, I’m going to tell good new movies. Some of the movies not so new, but less than 1 year. Maybe there are those who have not seen the movies. Everything is for my followers, let’s start!

| Avengers: Infinity War

In my opinion, most of the film lovers watched this movie. If you didn’t watch Avengers: Infinity War, you missed a lot. Of course, if you don’t love Marvel’s movies or sci-fi movies, this is normal. I think you should watch. Very good production for sci-fi and action.

| Black Panther

The battle between 2 people who want to be king. Killmonger and Tchalla! This movie so good for watch. I liked it, one of the movies that need to be watched. (Marvel’s production)

| The Incredibles 2

Animation movies not just for kids! The Incredibles 2, one of the best animated movies. The first film released in 2004, and we’ve waited a long time for new movie for The Incredibles. I hope you will like!

| Ready Player One

Y0ung one, goes to a virtual world. The theme of the game, he must find the secret key for award. Award is wealth. The game is on!

| Upgrade

A revenge story. A man left paralyzed as a result of the attack. He survived and gained super powers with advanced technology. It’s a pretty good movie.


I told 5 good new movie. Hopefully, you found what are you looking for. If you want, i can prepare new article for new movies. And if you want tell something, you can tell in the comments. Have a great day Izleyen Okur’s followers!

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