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Best Animated Movies Ever (8)

Hello everyone, today we will talk about ‘Best Animated Movies Ever’. This list for kids, movie lover families, and animation lovers. Yes, let’s start! If you want to tell another movie, you can tell in the comments. (I didn’t do the ranking.)

| Frozen (IMDb: 7,5)

Highest grossing animated film of all time. Frozen won the love of the viewers with good story. Frozen 2 will be released in 2019. If you want learn about new movies in 2019, click here.

| Moana (IMDb: 7,8)

One of the films, affecting the audience with a good story and characters.

| Wreck It Ralph (IMDb: 7,8)

Ralph is the bad guy in an arcade game. Ralph bored of being loved Felix at arcade games. The story starts like this.

| Zootopia (IMDb: 8,1)

It’s one of the best animated films of 2016. A rabbit who wants to be a cop, a rogue fox and an excellent adventure.

| How to Train Your Dragon (IMDb: 8,2)

A great production in the genre of fantasy and adventure. Get ready to enjoy a good movie!

| Wall-E (IMDb: 8,4)

The most successful movie of 2008. In a world that has abandoned people, tiny and cute robot continues to his duties. I love this movie!

| Toy Story 3 (IMDb: 8,4)

Toy Story 3 is one of the highest grossing film of all time. Andy is a little boy in the first movie of the series. But Andy has grown up now. Woody and Buzz wants to play with Andy, and the story starts like this.

| The Incredibles (IMDb: 8,0)

Our Super Heroes has been retired for a while, then they returned to their duties. After 15 years of retirement, Bob and his wife returned to their duties with own childrens.


Yes, this list contains ‘Best Animated Movies Ever’. There’s more animated film. If you want, i can prepare new article for animated film lovers. And if you are looking for movies for watch with family, this list enough for you. Have a great day Izleyen Okur’s followers!



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