About Me

Hello my valuable followers, Let me introduce myself. My name is Alperen, but you can call me ‘Izleyen Okur’. As you understand, I am Turkish. You dont know what that means, of course. In Turkish Izleyen Okur’s mean, someone who likes to read and watch. This is the shortest and most beautiful definition. As you understand, i love reading-watching. On this site, you will be able to find articles about many topics. Entertainment (movies, books, videos etc.) and mix. What does it mean ‘Mix’? If i want to write something about out of category, i will use ‘Mix’ category for this posts. I introduced myself and my website. I’ll try to share 1 post in 3 day. If i can share post more, i’ll share. Trust me. I hope you liked me and my website, and hopefully you will be there to support me. Thanks everyone for reading. Have a great day!